There's so much more to this amethyst makeup look than just purple

If you love purple, it can be tempting to pick a trio of shades and call it quits. Unfortunately, purple can be overwhelming on its own, but pairing it with a complementary color like orange makes it decidedly more wearable.
This tutorial will probably surprise you, because the eye makeup starts with a purple crease, and bright orange shadow is swept above it to give the eye more warmth. This is a modified halo, which means the outer and inner corners of the lid are both the same color, and the eyelid's center is prepped with concealer, then coated with pink metallic and pearl eye shadow.
- Eyebrow pencil (Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define)
- Hydrating makeup primer (Makeup Revolution)
- Foundation (Frankie Rose Cosmetics Matte Perfection)
- Light-colored concealer (L'Oréal Infallible Full Wear Waterproof)
- Beauty sponge
- Dark-colored concealer (Tarte Shape Tape, "Rich")
- Foundation brush
- Powder foundation (MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus)
- Powder brush
- Golden brown blush (MAC, "Blunt")
- Cheek brush
- Flat concealer brush
- Purple eye shadow (HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, "Amethyst")
- Blending brush
- Orange eye shadow (HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, "Blazing")
- Metallic pink eye shadow (HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, "Twilight")
- Flat brush
- Setting spray
- Metallic raspberry eye shadow (HUDA Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, "Royal")
- Pink pearl liquid eye shadow (Stila Glitter & Glow, "Sunset Cove")
- Black mascara (Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint)
- False lashes (not shown)
- Tweezers (not shown)
- Lash glue (not shown)
- Mini lash clusters
- Merlot lip pencil (Morphe, "Wine Me")
- Matte purple lipstick (MAC, "Heroine")
- Orchid blush (Anastasia Beverly Hills Pink Passion Blush Trio, "Basically")
Fierce League
1. Outline your brows, and fill in missing hairs with eyebrow pencil.
2. Apply hydrating primer to your entire face with your fingers.
3. Apply foundation to your face.
4. Restore brightness to your face by applying light-colored concealer with the applicator wand. Apply the product below your eyes, on the center of your chin and forehead, along the bridge of your nose and above your Cupid’s bow. Press the product into your skin with a damp beauty sponge.
5. Contour your cheeks, temples and upper corners of your forehead by applying dots of dark-colored concealer with the applicator wand. Buff the concealer into your foundation with the foundation brush.
6. Press powder foundation into the areas where you applied light-colored concealer. Use a damp beauty sponge for this step, and then use a powder brush to dust away any excess powder.
7. Use a cheek brush to sweep golden brown blush along your cheekbones, temples and upper corners of your forehead.
8. Prime the eye area for shadow by applying light-colored concealer with a flat brush. Use patting motions to prevent brush marks.
9. Pat purple eye shadow into the crease of your eye with the blending brush. Once you’ve defined the crease, darken the inner and outer corners of the lid as well. Leave the center of the lid blank for the moment.
10. Use the same brush to apply orange eye shadow above the crease and just outside the outer corner of the lid.
11. Sweep purple eye shadow under your lower lashes.
12. Apply light-colored concealer to the center of the lid with the flat concealer brush.
13. Pick up metallic pink eye shadow with the flat brush, and spritz the bristles with setting spray. Apply the color to the center of your lid. Tip: Misting your eye shadow brush with setting spray will intensify the pigment and reduce fallout.
14. Sweep metallic raspberry eye shadow under your lower lashes with the flat brush.
15. Darken the outer corner of the lid and crease with more purple eye shadow if needed.
16. Pat pink pearl liquid eye shadow on the center of the lid, near the tear ducts and below the arch of your brow. Gently blend the product in with the flat brush.
17. Swipe a small amount of the liquid eye shadow along the top of your cheekbones, and blend it into your skin with your fingers.
18. Apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes.
19. Hold the false lashes with the tweezers, and apply a small amount of lash glue onto the lash band. Let the glue set for 10 seconds, then apply the lashes just above your upper lashes.
20. Place several mini lash strip clusters on your lower lash line using the same technique as described above.
21. Outline your lips with merlot lip pencil. To create an ombré effect, line inside your lips slightly as well.
22. Apply purple lipstick to your lips.
23. Pat light-colored concealer on the center of your upper and lower lip with the concealer brush to slightly lighten and mattify the color.
24. Sweep orchid blush along the apples of your cheeks with a cheek brush.
Stay pretty!