Check it out! This checkerboard nail art is as cute as it is easy

Nail art tends to have a reputation for being tricky. After all, you're attempting to paint on the very implements you use to paint with. Steadiness of hand is important — but there are ways to get around a shakier grip. By using thin striping tape, you can create straighter lines and more solid edges, even if your hand seems to have other ideas.
This checkerboard nail art tutorial uses cleverly placed tape to map out your design before you paint. This allows you to create a look that's neater than you ever imagined you could achieve. Try going for different sizes of squares and contrasting colors to make for an even more fun take on the idea.
- FairyGlo Neon Pink Gel in 6717
- Canni Neon Yellow Gel in 602
- Neon pink striping tape
- Gelish Top It Off
- Tweezers
- Scissors
- Dotting pen
- Lumcrissy gel lamp (not pictured)
Fierce League
1. Start by painting your entire nail with a yellow gel base. We used the Canni Neon Yellow Gel in 602. Cure your nail under a gel lamp until dry.
2. Use tweezers to apply neon pink striping tape in a grid pattern across the nail. Use scissors to trim the tape to the length and width of the nail.
3. Use a neon pink gel polish to fill in opposite squares of your grid to create the checked pattern. We used FairyGlo Neon Pink Gel in 6717.
4. Take a dotting pen to ensure your pink gel reaches the edges of each square. Use your gel lamp to dry.
5. Repeat the process with the neon pink gel if you desire more intensity of color.
6. Complete your nail design by applying a clear top coat and drying using your gel lamp. We used Gelish Top It Off.
7. Experiment with different sizes of checkerboard on different nails to create a more varied effect. You can even add extra accents, like white stars, to further enhance your final look.

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