Summer hair, don't care. Take a look at these summery hair hacks

Gone are the days when every aspiring beach bum started the summer by breaking out a bottle of Sun-In. These days, sun worshippers have options when it comes to celebrating the season without damaging their strands.
Ready to let your hair down? From safeguarding your scalp to lightening your locks, here are some hacks to save you time on your beauty routine without sacrificing your hair's health.
Before going to the pool or beach, rinse hair with tap water
Lap swimmers and pool loungers alike can agree on this hack for protecting hair. Before submerging your strands in the pool or ocean, take a beat to rinse your hair in the shower. A healthy coating of tap water prevents hair from absorbing chlorine, salt and other harmful chemicals. For best results, follow up your swim with another rinse, shampoo and deep conditioning session.
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If the summer heat tends to burn your scalp, try adding a touch of sunscreen to a spray bottle
Few things are worse than spending a relaxing day at the beach only to wind up with a bright red stripe in place of your hair part. Avoid this painful mistake by adding a squirt of your preferred sunscreen brand to a bottle of water. Give your scalp a healthy spritz with the sunscreen before stretching out in the sun.
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For fuller volume, add mousse to damp hair ends
The pool hair plight is all too real. If flat summer hair is ruining your day, check out this hack for adding volume to your 'do. To achieve this style, simply dampen the ends of your hair before massaging in a healthy dollop of mousse. Your style is sure to stand up and salute.
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Easy twisted waves
Use a damp towel and wrap it around your head. Ideally, twist it up before sitting by the pool. By the end, you'll get easy twisted waves without the work. If you don't have a damp towel on hand, you can spritz a dry one with water.
Want that salty ocean mist hair?
Mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt with 20 ounces of seltzer water for your own DIY salt spray. Spritz your hair with this and let dry. To complete this look, use a curling iron to get beachy waves.
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Squeeze lemon juice into hair for extra brightness
Skip the Sun-In and opt for this natural method of brightening your tresses. After squeezing some lemon juice over your scalp, step outside and let the heat of the sun open your hair cuticles; the citrus will lift your hair's color, resulting in a lighter look. Use fresh lemons or pick up a bottle of real lemon juice for an even easier way of accomplishing this hair trick.
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