These secret rainbow nails give a surprising pop of color

With so many salon tricks available, the number of stunning nail designs is seemingly endless. However, many of those unique styles require precision and a professional hand. Take heart! With a few nifty hacks and some tools you're sure to have at home, you can create an eye-catching manicure, despite lacking years of experience.
These secret rainbow nails are the kind of design that appears complicated for a home manicure. On the contrary, they're relatively easy to do. All of your gal-pals are sure to ask for your secrets when they see you rocking these!
FairyGlo Gel Polish in 6703, 6717, 6713, 6705, 6706
Cheri Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat
Elite99 Color Gel in 5604 (black drawing gel)
Line tape
Thin nail brush
Flat nail brush
Lumcrissy gel lamp (not shown)
Fierce League
1. If you're using this design on fake nails, opt for a clear set.
2. Take a variety of nail colors — we're using Fairyglo in 6703, 6717, 6713, 6705, 6706 — and dot them randomly around the nail. Your nails should be completely covered and colorful.
3. Take a clean thin nail brush and make squiggles throughout the nail, cleaning off the brush on a paper towel as you go. This will slightly blend the colors. Be careful not to overdo it! They should have a sort of watercolor look by the end.
4. Dry under the Lumcrissy gel lamp.
5. Take the thin line tape with a pair of tweezers and crisscross a few lines on each nail.
6. Use a flat brush to apply the Elite99 black drawing gel in 5604 on the entire nail, covering the stickers and rainbow nails.
7. With the tweezers, gently peel the tape off each nail, exposing the rainbow color underneath.
8. Dry under the gel lamp.
9. Apply the Cheri Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat to each nail.
10. Dry under the gel lamp. All done!

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