Grab that gold color & copy these nail designs

Have you ever wondered why gold nails are so popular? Shiny surfaces always catch the light, and gold is a timeless color that isn't just for the holidays. If you want to ensure that your manicure will turn heads, hop on the gold trend with the following nail art looks.
Glitzy gold nails
Fierce League
This multifaceted manicure includes a metallic base coat, gold metallic transfer film and two different types of nail glitter. The gold-on-gold-on-gold effect gets further dimension thanks to the various glitter shapes, so watch the following tutorial and get ready to go gold. Get the full tutorial here.
Gold splattered effect with sequins and glitter
Painting a splattered nail design can be time consuming. Switching between colors requires cleaning brushes and tediously applying multiple dots. This tutorial changes all of that because it uses multicolored sequins and gold glitter. Get the full tutorial here.
Add gold bling to your nails
Choose your favorite gold polish, add the golden bling, and you have a stylish and modern decoration at your fingertips. This is not a difficult design to master -- and you’ll love the results! Get the full tutorial here.
Golden Christmas accent nail
Fierce League
This golden magnetic nail design takes the trend a step further by adding a Christmas tree studded with shiny charms. The following tutorial will show you how to create a single accent nail to accompany a golden manicure, but there's no reason to stop at one shiny tree. Follow your instincts, and paint with passion. Get the full tutorial here.
Gold electric nails
Fierce League
To achieve this dramatic look, you’ll need a dark base color. Black gel polish makes the purple glitter look more intense. Once it’s set in place, the metallic gold will give the design a dose of drama perfect for Mardi Gras or any celebration. Remember to clean your stamping tools thoroughly after each use to keep them in tip-top condition. Ge the full tutorial here.
Peach & gold chevron design
Fierce League
You can also add a subtle gold touch to bright nails. To create this look, start with a basic white manicure. The peach chevron is outlined with gold metallic paint, which makes each individual color stand out. Once you've mastered the basic design, try adding two or three chevrons to your other nails. The design will remain cohesive as long as the color scheme remains consistent throughout. Get the full tutorial here.
Gold foil tips
Fierce League
This elegant matte and gold look is super simple and is perfect for a special occasion or wedding. Follow along with the tutorial to see how to apply the gold transfer foil. Gel polish makes an excellent canvas here and ensures the nails look smooth, so there's no need to file down any existing ridges. Get the full tutorial here.

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