Sparkle like a sapphire with this beautiful blue eye look

Blue is a color of nature -- the sky, the ocean, storms and flowers. It brings to mind the force of the sea and the delicacy of a forget-me-not. In ancient times, the blue sapphire was seen as a stone of wisdom, power and strength, and was believed to protect the wearer and bring good fortune. It has a long history and a wide variety of hues, ranging from a light sky blue to a deep navy.
By layering different shades of blue, you can achieve this gem-inspired look, and convey the attributes of the stone. This sapphire-hued design will help you to have the confidence to take on the day and the softness to be kind. You'll be able to roar like the waves, unstoppable and unforgettable with your sapphire eyes.
- Angled brow brush
- Small concealer brush
- Foundation brush
- Round shadow brush
- Crease brush
- Flat shadow brush
- Smudge brush
- Liner brush
- Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade
- Huda Beauty #FauxFilter foundation
- P.Louise Base Shade 2
- BPerfect Cosmetics Stacey Marie Carnival Palette
- L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara
- Faux eyelashes
- Inkglot AMC Eyeliner Gel
Fierce League
1. Use an angled brow brush and Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade to outline your brows. Fill in the outline using short strokes following the growth of the hair.
2. Apply foundation under the bottom and top lines of your brows with a small flat shadow brush or a small concealer. Our model used Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation.
3. Apply a couple of dots of P.Louise Base Shade 2 on each eyelid. Use a stippling brush or a foundation brush to smooth it over each eyelid. Use short strokes and dabs to blend completely. Also blend some on your lower lid.
4. Swipe on BPerfect Cosmetics Stacey Marie Carnival Palette eye shadow color “Sky” on the lid. Start by sweeping the color into the crease with a round eye shadow brush, and continue adding color with small circular motions. Layer the color into the crease and on the inner and outer corners of the eye, leaving an open space in the middle of the lid. Sweep a little color on the lower lid just under your lashes, connecting the outer corners.
5. Apply the BPerfect Cosmetics Stacey Marie Carnival Palette eye shadow color “Recharge,” and use a crease brush to add it into the crease on top of the previously applied color. Follow the crease along the top lid and apply color on the lower lid as before, making sure to blend as you go.
6. Using a smudge brush, apply BPerfect Cosmetics Stacey Marie Carnival Palette eye shadow color “Mood” on the outer and inner corner of the eye.
7. Apply a small amount to the blank space left in the middle of the lid with P.Louise Base Shade 2 and another small flat eye shadow brush. Make sure to blend up the lid but not all the way to the crease. You can try using your finger to help blend the base into your skin.
8. Add BPerfect Cosmetics Stacey Marie Carnival Palette eye shadow color “Moony” on top of the P. Louise Base Shade 2 using a flat shadow brush. Use your finger to dab the sides of the lighter area into the color you applied.
9. Apply a generous layer of your favorite mascara to the lower and upper lashes. Our model used L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara.
10. Choose your favorite false eyelashes, and attach them as you normally would. The mascara you just put on will help cling to the false lashes.
11. Apply Inkglot AMC Eyeliner Gel to your lower lash line with a smudge brush. Add a little to your waterline for added depth to your eyes.
12. Finish your look with your favorite face routine and a subtle lip color to make your winterized eyes grab all the attention.
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