Fake a blowout at home with the help of two essential styling tools

If you have long hair and love the way it looks after a day at the salon, you may be thinking about allotting a sizable chunk of cash for a weekly blowout. These salon treatments average $35 or $40 each, but you may be paying even more if you live in a big city. While the cost may be worth it if you have a big event planned, you may prefer to spend your money on other things, like true necessities.
Doing a blowout at home isn’t that difficult, but you need the right tools and a set of step-by-step directions to make the process go smoothly. Always start with tangle-free hair. Applying heat to tangles is a recipe for split ends and breakage. The following tutorial covers all the steps, but you may need to section your hair multiple times depending on its length and thickness.
Get ready to save some money!
- Paddle brush
- Blow dry clips
- Hair straightener
- Flexible hair spray
- Blow dryer
- Round brush
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1. Make sure your hair is tangle-free by brushing through it with a paddle brush. Tip: Brush through the ends first then brush through the entire length.
2. Divide your hair into two or three sections horizontally. Lift the uppermost sections up, and clip them out of the way using blow dry clips. The thicker your hair is, the more sections you should have.
3. Straighten the lowest section of hair with a hair straightener (also known as a flat iron). Hold the straightener near the roots, clamp a 2-inch section of hair in between the plates and gently apply pressure while pulling the tool down toward the ends of your hair.
4. Release the next blow dry clip, and straighten the hair as in step three. Repeat this step until only the uppermost section of hair is left.
5. Divide the hair at the crown of your head into two or three sections from front to back. Clip the back sections out of the way, leaving only the front section loose.
6. Spritz the front section of hair near the roots with flexible hair spray. Massage the product into the hair slightly.
7. Set the hair dryer on its highest heat setting.
8. Use the round brush to lift the front section up, then blow dry it while keeping the nozzle as close to the brush as possible. For volume and lift in the front of your hair, direct the hair away from your face while heating it.
9. Blow dry the remaining sections, as needed.
10. Rake your fingers through your hair to position it, and then spray the ends with additional hair spray to set the finalized style.
Stay pretty!