3 ways to dry your hair fast

When you're pressed for time, drying your hair can become a problem. After all, you can't stroll into the office with wet, tangled hair. Even sleeping in wet hair after your nighttime shower can cause hair damage, because wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry.
Don't bust out the dry shampoo yet! Try these tricks if your long mane often results in an hour with your blow dryer in hand. They'll even cut down on the heat you use on your hair, saving it from some damage. In a nutshell: Use a towel or shirt before blow-drying.
- Aquis Lisse long hair towel
- Paper towel
- T-shirt
- Blow dryer
Fierce League
1. Squeeze the towel (which cuts drying time by half) down the length of your hair. Repeat this a few times, making sure to cover your hair from roots to tips. This will get rid of all excess moisture, leaving your hair slightly damp.
2. If you don't have one of those handy towels, use a paper towel in the same manner as above.
3. Another option is to use a T-shirt in the same way as above. The fibers on a t-shirt are softer and less damaging than a towel. Twist the hair and squeeze the T-shirt around it to get rid of moisture and retain some wave.
4. Finally, blow-dry your hair as normal. By this time, your hair will be only slightly damp and will dry within minutes.

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