Easy hairstyles for medium-length hair

Everyone loves a ponytail. However, hair experts reveal that tight tails can gradually damage strands, resulting in breakage over time. If you want to protect your locks, it pays to switch up your styling routine.
No longer seen as a growing-out stage between short and long hair, medium-length manes are enjoying a serious moment in the beauty world. Check out these easy hairstyles that are perfect for your medium-length look:
Loose, messy French braid
Traditional French braids can seem overly formal or conservative. Achieve a more playful look by tugging gently on your completed braid to loosen the locks. You can also opt to leave out a few strands in the front to create that fresh-from-yoga-class style.
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Textured topknot
Polished yet playful, the topknot is a medium-hair fashion mainstay. To master this style, start by separating the top section of your hair and spraying it liberally with a texturizing product. Secure this hair section in a ponytail and gently tease the end with a comb. Next, wrap the end of your tail around to create a bun and fasten it with bobby pins.
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Messy side braid
Ideal for casual dates, beach days and BFF trips to the mall, messy side braids convey a whimsical, relaxed attitude toward the world. To achieve this style, start by parting your hair on the side. Then separate a section of hair at the front of your head, drawing it forward. Braid the part that remains.
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Double buns
Once associated with a certain space princess, double buns are now a trend in their own right. To master this quirky look, create a middle part, and then tie your hair back in pigtails. Wrap each tail around like a donut, and then secure the buns with a hair tie.
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Sock bun
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need waist-length hair to pull off a magnificent bun. All you need is a simple hairstyling tool. Available at drug stores and online, bun makers make it easy to create an impressive sock bun in mere seconds. Start by brushing your hair back into a high ponytail. Then slide the ponytail through the bun maker and tuck your strands in place around it.
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