A flat iron can do more than just straighten your hair. Check out these hacks

Flawless waves litter your Instagram feed, and every time you scroll through Pinterest, your eyes graze over effortless curls. Wistfully, you save all this inspiration to a board titled "hair goals," and yet you move on and stick to your daily hairdo. This may require use of a straightener, as straight hair is often an easy go-to.
What you may not realize is that you don't have to buy a fancy curling wand or expensive care products to achieve the waves you want. To make those hair goals a reality, just stick with your hair straightener. While this tool may have the word "straight" in it, you can achieve lovely curled locks with these tips and tricks:
Twist hair and then use flat iron
This technique results in loose, casual waves. It gives your hair that cute and wavy feel to dress up any casual outfit. Simply take the straightener a bit above the middle of your piece of hair and twist back, away from the face. When running the straightener through this way, you may want to add hairspray to the finished result, as loose waves tend to fall out of the hair more easily throughout the day.
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Run flat iron over braids
For a crimped hairstyle to channel more retro vibes, no need to splurge on a crimper. Start by making small braids throughout the hair. Take the straightener and slowly run it down the braid. Instead of leaving the braids in overnight, you'll find that the heat does the work for you. Take out the braids and run your fingers through the hair to incorporate the curls together.
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For crown, use the flat iron up and toward ceiling for more volume
When you do opt for a straight style, you may be plagued by flat hair that clings to the scalp. To remedy this without taking on any excessive damage that teasing can cause, use your straightener to lift the hair. Grab a lock of hair and hold it toward the ceiling, then run the straightener through the hair as shown. It gives the hair natural-looking volume.
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Easily make beachy waves with flat iron
For waves that give the impression of a mermaid walking to land straight from the beach, try this easy trick. Take a section of hair and start as close to the roots as you can with the hair straightener. Hold the tool to the side of the head and clamp over the hair. Twist your wrist away from your face, holding the tool there for a few seconds. Unclamp the straightener from the hair and move down from the area you'd just treated. Clamp the tool back over the hair for a few seconds while twisting the wrist toward the face, holding your piece of hair upward. Repeat this, moving down the length of the hair.
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Use a comb and flat iron at the same time for perfectly smooth, straight hair
For smooth and silky hair that's styled perfectly straight, use a comb as you straighten the hair. The final result will be hair so shiny, you'll think you'd just stepped out of a shampoo commercial. Simply place a comb on the hair and begin to run it through. Position the straightener right above the comb and run it through the hair as you're combing. This ensures all pieces are smooth and even as you apply heat.
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Clean flat iron with washcloth plus rubbing alcohol
Straighteners are prone to accumulate residue from the oil in hair as well as the chemicals from hair products. Like every other tool in your beauty regimen, it requires proper cleaning in order to last and continue producing the results you want. To clean your straightener, make sure it's turned off and cool, then use a washcloth and rubbing alcohol to remove the buildup. Now your straightener is ready to produce much better results.
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Get stronger curls using flat iron plus foil
For bouncier curls that hold throughout the day, even without hairspray, try this. Twist a lock of hair around your finger and fold a piece of foil around the curl. Take the straightener and clamp over the foil for about 8-10 seconds. Hold the foil in place for a moment, and then gently let the curl unfurl from it. Now you have a beautifully styled curl that's just a flawless as if you'd used any curler or wand!
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