Repurpose a fabric headband for a tuck and cover updo

For an updo with retro appeal, choose a brightly colored headband, and create this tuck and roll style. The headband secures the hair at the top of your head, so you won’t be battling flyaways all day. The lower portion of the style is created by securing the ends of the hair with an elastic, and rolling and tucking them underneath the headband.
This style works best on second-day hair because freshly washed hair often lacks texture and grip. Use a fabric-covered elastic headband and lots of bobby pins to keep the style in place. This look is soft and romantic, so don’t stress about making it sleek and smooth. The more texture the better.
- Wide fabric headband
- Hair elastic
- Bobby pins
- Hair spray
Fierce League
1. Pull a headband down over the top of your head until it touches the tops of your ears.
2. Gather most of your hair in the back, and secure it with a hair elastic near the ends. Leave some hair loose at the very front to weave around the headband in a later step.
3. Gently roll up the secured hair up, and tuck it loosely under the headband.
4. Twist some of the loose hair from the left side, and drape it across the headband in the back. Pin it in place with bobby pins. Depending on the length of your hair, you may be able to twist the same section a second time and pin it above the first twist.
5. Repeat step 4 on the right side, and pin any loose hair in place with bobby pins.
6. Leave a tendril of hair loose on each side of your face.
7. Spritz your hair with hair spray to help keep the style in place all day.