These 3 Beautyblender hacks can save you some serious money

Of all the makeup innovations of the past few years, surely the most game-changing of all is the Beautyblender. Before these magic sponges came along, we were basically all using brushes or our fingers to apply our base products. Then, along came these super-soft, extremely bouncy little egg-shaped sponges, which, when soaked in water, can give your foundation an almost airbrushed level of flawlessness.
But a Beautyblender does also come with a downside. Not only are the sponges themselves prohibitively expensive, but they also require frequent replacement. On top of this, they soak up product, meaning your foundation will last less long, too. For many of us, it was a question as to whether the improved application and finish a Beautyblender offers was worth the various running costs. But our three Beautyblender hacks prove you don't have to choose.
- Beautyblender Sponge (or other, similar makeup sponge)
- Scissors
- Mesh pouch
- Microwave-proof bowl
- Gentle soap
- Microwave
- Washcloth
Fierce League
1. Our first tip is simple, but surprisingly effective. You can simply cut you Beautyblender in half, and enjoy double the usage. Each half will retain a signature domed side, and you can use your flat, cut edge to hold on to.
2. Our second hack is ideal for those who do their makeup on the go. Carrying and storing a dampened Beautyblender can cause issues with sanitation, and mean your sponge needs replacing more frequently. Buying a cheap mesh pouch that you can usually find in the dollar store allows you to protect your Beautyblenders as they dry on the go.
3. Our final Beautyblender trick allows you to clean and sanitize your sponges effectively at home, meaning they can last far, far longer. Fill a microwave-proof bowl with water and gentle liquid soap, then add your dirty Beautyblenders. Work them into a lather, then microwave the bowl for one minute on a high setting. Rinse them under cool water, then dry them off with a clean washcloth. Et voila! Your sponges will be as good as new.

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