This metallic mermaid eye look is as dramatic as it is adorable

If you're in the market for more dramatic makeup, then a classic source of colorful inspiration is a mermaid. Something about the blue and green shades of the sea combined with the foil effect of scales makes for a stunning style. The difficulty is knowing how to translate this abstract vibe into a cohesive eye look.
Combining warmer and cooler tones is key to achieving a balanced finish when going for a colorful look, but it's not always easy. Transitioning between shades is key, using a range of colors to ensure nothing appears overly stark or unblended. By balancing a metallic teal lid with a softer, more neutral blend into the crease, you can make a bright eye look more modern and chic -- and never steer into costume-party territory.
- Brow gel (Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in 15 - Blonde)
- Angled brush
- Spoolie
- Tinted eyeshadow base (P.Louise Base in Shade 1)
- Domed eyeshadow brush
- Loose powder (Cover FX Matte Setting Powder)
- Warm-toned palette (Colourpop Dream St. Palette)
- Fluffy crease brush
- Detailed eyeshadow brush
- Large fluffy eyeshadow brush
- Black kohl pencil (Sephora 12hr Colorful Contour Eyeliner in Black Lace)
- Flat eyeshadow brush
- Setting spray
- Pencil brush
- Shimmery purple eyeshadow (NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow in Punk Heart)
- Black liquid eyeliner (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner)
- Black mascara (L'Oréal Original Voluminous Mascara)
- Strip eyelash
- Coral and peach lipsticks (MAC Lipstick in Crosswires + In A Heartbeat)
Fierce League
1. Fill in brows using a gel of pomade and an angled brush. Comb through with a spoolie to help define individual hairs for a more natural finish.
2. Use a domed shadow brush to apply tinted base across your lids. Set with a loose translucent powder for easier blending later.
3. Take a caramel-toned eyeshadow (we used Shooting Star from the Colourpop Dream St. Palette) on a fluffy brush, and begin to define the eye crease.
4. Take a warm coral tone (we used Spark from the same palette) on a smaller detailer brush and build up the crease color.
5. Use a clean, larger fluffy eyeshadow brush to continue to blend in circular motions to ensure the look is as seamless as possible.
6. Apply small strokes of black kohl liner in the center of your top lash line. Build the color up until you have a base of color, then tap with a finger to blend the edges. Don't worry if it looks a bit messy ⁠— you'll be covering up the black next.
7. Take a flat eyeshadow brush with a shimmery aquamarine shade. We used Mermaid Boy from the same Colourpop Palette. Spritz your brush with setting spray to get a more intense finish. Tap this shade over the area where you applied the black liner, in the center of your mobile lid.
8. Use a pencil brush to apply a shimmery purple shade to the outer corner of your eye, slightly winging the shadow outward.
9. Take more of the shimmery aquamarine shade on the flat brush and apply to the inner corner of each eyelid.
10. Use a clean flat eyeshadow brush to apply your coral shade to the outer part of your lower lashline.
11. Use the same brush to apply the shimmery purple shade to your lower lashline.
12. Apply a shimmery highlight shade (we used Moony from the same Colourpop palette) liberally in your inner tear duct. This opens up the eyes and makes them appear bigger.
13. Apply a small amount of shimmery aquamarine shade to the innermost part of your lower lashline.
14. Use a black liquid eyeliner to draw a very fine line on your upper lashline. This will help lashes appear thicker and fuller at the root.
15. Use the black kohl pencil to line your bottom waterline.
16. Apply black mascara. You can add a strip lash for a more dramatic effect, then use mascara to help blend with your natural lashes. Apply to the bottom lashes, as well.
17. Finish the look with a peachy coral lipstick, which will contrast beautifully with the cooler-toned eyes. We used MAC's Crosswires + In A Heartbeat.

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