Survive the summer with these incredible beauty hacks

We dream of summer all year long: sunshine thawing winter bones, refreshing dips in the pool, tasty summer treats, daylight lingering into the night. But our seasonal amnesia always seems to sneak up at the detriment of our beauty routine among other things.
Summer is a wonderful time of the year that should be cherished, not wished away. Its specific allure and traditions reset our bodies for the seasons ahead. But discomfort can ruin even the most tranquil day at the beach. Preparation goes a long way. With an artillery of a few common, household products, summer is returned to the simple joys of childhood.
These hacks are essential for preventing a spectrum of discomfort from vexing irritation to damaging health risks. Like all great things, moderation is key. Summer responsibly!
Blister hack
Rub deodorant on ankles and toes to prevent pesky blisters. The substance acts as a barrier to lessen friction and lubricate blister prone areas. Say goodbye to sightly band aids and hello to your favorite summer shoes!
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Raccoon eye hack
Waterproof makeup is essential during the warmer months. Whether walking to work or lounging at the beach, sweat is likely to strike and ruin your makeup as pictured below on the left. Eye makeup is especially vulnerable to smudging.
Consider water-resistant eyeliner and mascara for average days and a waterproof variety on more active days. Note: Waterproof makeup does require specific removers which are easy to find anywhere you buy makeup.
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Hair frizz control
Mix equal parts avocado oil and coconut oil together to create a spray. Then spritz your hair ends to keep your hair moisturized and frizz free for those hot summer days.
Farmer tan hack
There's nothing quite like an unexpected tan line. Rather than letting this sort of inconvenience dictate outfit possibilities, consider applying foundation to erase this worry. Poof, like magic.
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Be sure to use a liquid foundation that blends with the intended area. Face makeup is generally a shade or two lighter. Makeup specific to the body generally ensures easier application to larger areas and durability.
Keep nail polish in the fridge
The hot summer temperatures could cause your nail polish to discolor or fade in pigment. Instead, store in the fridge.
Sunburn hack
If your sunscreen fails, it's important to treat burns to lessen the damage. Aloe is a wonderful plant extract with calming capabilities to soothe burns. To intensify its benefits, consider making your own aloe cubes!
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Squeeze aloe gel into an ice tray and let sit in the freezer until frozen. Make up a tray at the start of summer to be prepared. Simply rub a cube over the burnt skin and enjoy the cooling sensation. Aloe cubes can also be used to relieve aggravated acne and waxing irritation!
Opt for tinted balm
Tinted lip balms smooth the surface of the lips while adding moisture and a hint of color. This is perfect for hot summer days! The waxy texture also locks in moisture longer than gloss, so your lips will feel soft all day.
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Sunscreen hack
It is important to wear sunscreen at all times but especially in the summer when the UV index is higher. Integrating SPF into your existing skincare routine is the best way to ensure protection. Look for moisturizers and lotions with SPF included and determine the degree based on your complexion.
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If your current moisturizer doesn't include SPF, apply moisturizer when getting ready followed by a layer of sunscreen before leaving the house. Re-applying is important!
Crocodile heel hack
Sandals, flip flops, and other open toe shoes leave feet exposed on a daily basis in the summer. This generally results in rough or cracked heels. Soften these dry spots by applying 100% extra virgin coconut oil. This all-natural product provides nourishment as well as the benefits of antibacterial properties.
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Chafing hack
As if the heat weren't already enough, chafing is another uncomfortable side effect of summer fun. Dab baby powder over shaved legs to help absorb moisture and prevent irritation. This trick works best with smooth, shaved legs before slipping on a flirty dress or skirt.
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