Prove that neon can be surprisingly pretty with these fluorite inspired nails

When searching online for nail art inspiration, it can sometimes seem as though there are just too many wild and crazy options. While there's nothing wrong with going all out, for many of us, it's just too intimidating and can put us off experimenting with our nail looks. That's a real shame, because nail art is a fun way to express yourself, and it does not need to be seen as intimidating.
One way to dip your toe into the nail art world without feeling too overwhelmed is by going for softer colors and more abstract designs. A simpler, marbled effect with some sheer bright colors can offer a watercolor effect which is softer, but still undeniably eye catching. This fluorite inspired nail look could be the push you need to start experimenting with your nails
- Nude nail polish
- Nail polish palette
- Sheer blue gel polish
- Sheer green gel polish
- Small piece of dowel
- Sheer purple gel polish
- Sheer cream gel polish
- Small detailer brush
- Clear gel top coat
- White nail polish
- UV or LED nail lamp
Fierce League
1. Take a small amount of your blue and green gel polishes onto your palette, and mix using a dowel.
2. Starting with a nude polished nail, apply small dabs of sheer purple gel polish using its brush.
3. Do the same with your sheer cream gel polish. These dabs should be fairly random.
4. Use a small detailer brush to add small dabs of the green-and-blue combination across the nail.
5. Apply a couple of smaller and more concentrated dabs of your sheer purple gel polish. Cure with the UV or LED lamp, and allow it to dry.
6. Continue to build up these different layers of purple and blue-green to achieve more depth.
7. Once you're happy with the effect, apply a layer of clear base coat. While still wet, use your detailer brush to draw on some wiggly lines using your white nail polish. Blend out these lines, mixing with the clear top coat, to give a marbled effect. Cure with the lamp and allow to dry.
8. Finish by sealing in your hard work with a final layer of clear top coat, then allow time to dry again. You can use this effect for every nail, or save it for an accent nail for a more subtle look.

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