Create a stunning nude manicure with twinkle star accents

Evoking images of Hollywood celebrities and long summer nights, the star is a classic emblem of glamour and romance. So, what better way to celebrate a special event than by donning Fierce League's new nude manicure with twinkle star accents?
Basic enough for even the novice nail artist to master, this style achieves maximum effect with minimum effort. As a bonus, it's chic and simple enough that you can wear it for work or play. We guarantee everyone who sees this style will have stars in their eyes.
- Gelpolish, N09
- Elite99 white drawing gel (5603)
- Gold four-point star holograms
- Liner brush
- Gelish foundation
- Dotting tool
- Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat
- Lumcrissy gel lamp
Fierce League
1. Paint entire surface of nails using Gelpolish, N09.
2. Using a liner brush, draw a four-point star in the corner of the nail with Elite99 white drawing gel. Start by drawing a plus sign and fill in the sides slightly to thicken the star.
3. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
4. Apply Gelish foundation to entire surface of nail.
5. Using the dotting tool, apply two or three gold four-point stars to each nail above the white painted star.
6. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
7. Apply Cheri Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat to entire surface of nail.
8. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
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