Conquer the art of color blocking your nails

Color blocking involves pairing shades from opposite sides of the color wheel to create exciting combinations. Entering the fashion world in the 1940s, this look has enjoyed sparks of popularity throughout the decades. Now color blocking is a hot nail trend for 2019.
Featuring sweet summer pastels and pops of electric orange, this color-block manicure works equally well for a day at the office or a night on the town. Plus, the multi-hued style is sure to look great with a wide array of outfits. Try this dazzling new nail art trend today.
Born Pretty gel, Miss Coco
Elite99 white drawing gel
Liner brush
Presto 173, Espirando
Canni Nail Art, 607, 506, 547, 620
Pure Color Gel, Venalisa 1568
Cheri Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat
Fierce League
1. Paint entire surface of nails using Born Pretty gel in Miss Coco.
2. Using a liner brush, draw a semicircle extending from one side of the nail. The end result should resemble a half moon. Draw a second, smaller semicircle inside the first.
3. Draw an arc across the top third of the nail, cutting through the exact center of the first two semicircles.
4. Draw another semicircle on the other side of the nail, bisecting the top arc.
5. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
6. Using a nail brush, fill in three, non-adjacent blocks with Canni Nail Art (607, 506, 547, 620), Pure Color Gel Venalisa 1568, or Presto 173, Espirando. Customize this look to match your outfit or mood.
7. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
8. Using a clean nail brush, fill in remaining blocks with your chosen colors. Make sure color extends to edges of block.
9. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
10. Clean nail brush again and touch up individual blocks with additional paint. The goal is to create clean lines between the colors.
11. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
12. Apply Cheri Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat to entire nail.
13. Insert hand into Lumcrissy gel lamp.
14. Try this look with different colors for all your special occasions!
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