This cute, neutral nail art is anything but boring

Nail art can be intimidating—particularly for those who tend to favor a more neutral palette. If you're more used to a simple French manicure, the idea of graduating straight into a multi-colored, bright, and extravagant design can feel like running before you can walk. But nail art needn't always be so extreme, and by finding the right compromise, you can enjoy a fun nail look that still fits your usual aesthetic.
By going for a nude base shade, you can enjoy adding a pop of color that's not in danger of clashing. Going for just one accent nail can also help ensure the look remains on the subtle end of the nail art spectrum.
- Pale beige nail polish
- Shimmery gold nail polish
- Fine detailer brush
- Gold leaf
- Cotton rounds
- Rubbing alcohol
- Blue nail polish
- Iridescent glitter
1. Paint your entire nail with your pale beige shade, and allow to dry.
2. Take a small amount of your shimmery gold nail polish on your detailer brush. Paint an oval shape in the center of your nail. Add three dots at the end nearer the tip, and one at the end nearer the nail's base. Allow time to dry.
3. Press gold leaf across the nail.
4. Take rubbing alcohol onto a cotton round and remove any gold leaf that has stuck to the nude background of the nail art.
5. Mix your blue nail polish with your iridescent glitter on a palette. Apply this mixture in the center of the gold oval you painted earlier.
6. Allow adequate time for this thicker layer of polish to dry—then enjoy your neutral yet eye-catching, gemstone inspired nails!