Create a vibrant foil look with a nude background

Creating a party-perfect manicure can be taxing on your creativity. You want a festive look that catches the light, but you don't want to see the same design on anyone else. If you love metallic foil and its unique color variations, then this manicure should be on your to-do list.
Colorful foil gives this design variety, and no two nails will look exactly the same. Start with a semi-translucent jelly polish, then add metallic foil to either the tip or the base of each nail. The tutorial features a pink jelly base to replicate the nude trend, but feel free to follow your muse.
- Pink jelly nail gel (Born Pretty, Caged Bird)
- UV or LED lamp
- Alcohol
- Cotton pads
- Clear gel base coat (Gelish Foundation)
- Extreme Post-it Notes
- Nail art comb brush
- Transfer foil in assorted colors
- Sealer nail gel (Gelish, Top It Off)
Fierce League
1. Paint the nails with two coats of pink jelly polish, curing it in between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Wipe away the tacky layer of polish with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad.
3. Brush clear gel base coat onto the Extreme Post-it notepad. Dip the comb brush into the gel, then brush the polish onto the nail near the cuticle. Cure the wet gel with the lamp.
4. Press a square of transfer foil against the nail several times to deposit the color.
5. Apply one coat of sealer gel to the nails, then cure the gel with the lamp.
Stay pretty!

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