Prepare for festival season with this pop of glitter makeup tutorial

With festival season in full swing, everyone is searching for a makeup look that will set them apart in the crowd. What better way to accessorize the festival outfit you've spent months dreaming up than to utilize all the shimmer and glitter in your makeup bag? And happily, you can do so without looking as if you've let your five-year-old niece decorate your face.
Glittery highlights are remarkable for creating a flawless glow and brightening the complexion. With a blend of pinks and oranges, this makeup look has the eye-capturing beauty of a sunset. Add on pops of glitter, and you'll transform yourself into an iridescent fairy fit for any festival.
- Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil (Espresso)
- Fenty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer
- Violet Voss PRO Flamingo Palette in the colors Coral, Popsicle, Sandals, Flip Flops, and Watermelon
- NYX Lip Liner Pencil (Cocoa)
- Angled brush
- Highlight brush
- Blending fluffy brush
- Stamper eye shadow brush
Fierce League
1. Take the Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil in the color that most matches your hair color (the tutorial shows Espresso) and begin to fill in the brows with light strokes to resemble hair.
2. Brush out the brows to blend.
3. Dip an angled brush into the Fenty Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer and line underneath the brows to touch up and shape them.
4. After lining underneath the brows, make downward strokes with the angled brush to blend out the concealer.
5. Using the Violet Voss PRO Flamingo Palette, choose the color Coral (pink) with a fluffy brush and apply upward on the crease. Note: If you don't own this palette, use a color that most resembles the ones listed.
6. With the same brush, take the color Popsicle (orange) and blend into the crease below Coral.
7. Use a stamper eye shadow brush to apply Sandals (burnt orange) on the lid and incorporate with the Popsicle color.
8. Take that same eye shadow brush and dip into the color Island (shimmery pink/orange) and dab on the lid over Popsicle.
9. Using the color Flip Flops (shimmery pink/purple), apply to the inner corner of the eye in order to highlight and open up the eyes.
10. With that same color, use your angled brush to highlight underneath the brow and blend downward.
11. Touch up and blend the inner corner and underneath the brow with your finger.
12. Continuing with the color Flip Flops, use your finger to highlight the bridge and tip of the nose.
13. Take a highlight brush and dust the color Flip Flops over your cheekbones to highlight.
14. Grab the NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Cocoa and line the bottom lip. Make an x on the Cupid's bow to shape them and then line the top lip.
15. With the lip liner pencil, fill in the outer corner of the top lip. Thicken the bottom line and draw a line down the middle of the bottom lip. Rub the lips together to blend.
16. Use the stamper eye shadow brush to apply the color Watermelon (deep pink) from the Flamingo Palette over the lips.
17. Dust the color Flip Flops over the middle of the lips to top off your glittery masterpiece.

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