How to create nude nails with a gold jewel point

Sheer bubble-bath tones and ballet-slipper satin pinks are the staple shades for plenty of nude nail manicures. These pale paints can become tiresome, however, and are almost treated as a mani version of the "no makeup look" which, over time, can feel fatigued. If you feel yourself falling into this spiral of a never-ending nude nail slump, begrudgingly waiting for something more exciting to come along, then look no further.
But don’t panic about stepping too far out of your comfort zone and straight into Chanel’s Rouge Noir, as nude nails needn’t be boring. Diversity in the look of your nails means throwing away the rule book — as with these gold jeweled nails. This simple embellished design applied over a subtle light pink is the perfect trend-setting statement for the summer, where any and all bedazzled nails are welcome.
- Nude gel polish
- Gelish Hard-Gel Builder
- Short brush
- Wax pencil
- Gold rhinestones
- Tweezers
- Gold bullion beads
- Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
Fierce League
1. Apply your chosen shade of nude gel polish to each of your nails, covering the entire nail and creating a glossy, well-covered manicure.
2. Dab a short nail brush into the Gelish Hard-Gel Builder and use the tip to glide a thin strip of gel along the center of the nail on your index finger.
3. Pick up a large gold rhinestone with the wax pencil. Apply the stone with the wax pencil to the end of your index nail, nearest the cuticle, on the strip of gel.
4. Continue to apply rhinestones with the wax pencil, building toward smaller-sized rhinestones each time until you reach three-quarters of the length of your nail. Push them into the correct position with tweezers to ensure the rhinestones are in a straight line along the gel.
5. Pinch the tweezers into the Gelish Hard-Gel Builder if you notice the nail lakcs adhesive. Apply gold bullion beads right next to the rhinestones, filling the small gaps by placing two on each side of each rhinestone.
6. Add a finishing bead above the smallest rhinestone.
7. Place your nails under the gel lamp and set the LED light to turn off after 30 seconds. If stone aren't set, put your nails back under the lamp, checking every 30 seconds for up to two minutes.
8. Paint your nails with the top coat, covering the entire nail. Dry the nails again under the gel lamp.
9. Add stones to other nails using the same techniques if you want more bling.