How to create iridescent ombre nails with a delicate crystal accent

Iridescent nails are summer's alternative to the nude manicure of the spring season. The varying shades conjure images of moonstone, seashells and shimmering mermaid tales. The magical, hypnotic tones put metallic nails to shame by showcasing a mani reminiscent of unicorn skin (or at least, they showcase what the nail community imagines unicorn skin to look like).
Of course, just a few coats of iridescent polish will never do — especially not in 2019 where fierce nails flood social media feeds. To take your iridescent nails to the next level, our unique design is exactly what you need. With a soft, easy-to-apply ombre and sophisticated yet glam crystal addition, iridescent nails have never looked so enchanting.
- Iridescent chrome powder
- Eye shadow applicator
- Orly Base Coat
- Wax pencil
- Orly Gel in shade First Kiss
- AB crystals
- Textured arrowhead triangle charms
- Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
Fierce League
1. Paint your nails with the Orly Gel Color in shade First Kiss and cure them under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp for around 30-120 seconds until dry.
2. On top of the gel, add a layer of the Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat. Once finished, dry under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp.
3. Dab your eye shadow applicator lightly into your iridescent chrome powder and smudge the substance into the tip of your nail in circular and patting motions. As you do this, gently blend the powder to create an ombre effect, rather than letting the powder spread across the whole nail.
4. Apply your Orly Base Coat polish on top of your set iridescent powder, making sure you have a full and even coverage before curing it under your Lumcrissy Gel Lamp.
5. Add some Orly Base Coat to the bottom half of your nail to act as a glue for the crystals and arrowhead about to be applied. To apply the AB crystals and gems, use the tip of a wax pencil to place it onto the nail. For this design, place a round crystal near your cuticle and add a textured arrowhead triangle charm above it, creating the perfect accent.
6. To secure your gems and crystals in place, cure your nails under your Lumcrissy Gel Lamp.
7. Finally, paint on a last coat of the Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat and leave to cure under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp. Once complete, your spellbinding nails will be a thing of envy.

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