How to perfect the half and half manicure trend

Some nail trends have been and gone with the wind, such as the "crackle" nails of 2012 (thankfully) or the shattered glass creations of 2016. Now, the "half and half" nail is preparing to take over your Instagram feed this season. The trend, which supposedly originates from South Korea, proves that the nation is influencing more than just pop music taste.
The world of Korean nail art is just as popular as the country's famous skin care, which is why we took the liberty of creating our own half and half inspired design. With a vibrant purple base and holographic twist, this otherworldly manicure is sure to turn heads.
- Canni Gel in shade 579
- Striping brush
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
- Cheri Non-Wipe Top Gel
- Tweezers
- Striping tape
- Small scissors or nippers
Fierce League
1. Dab the striping brush into Canni Gel in shade 579 and cover half of the nail, vertically, with the purple gel. Use the brush carefully and precisely, focusing on the tip of the brush and creating a direct line down the middle of the nail.
2. Cure the gel under the gel lamp for between 30 and 120 seconds by switching on the UV lamp. Let it dry completely.
3. Apply another layer with the striping brush to ensure the purple is highly pigmented. When complete, dry the nail again under the gel lamp.
4. Cover the entire nail in the top coat, creating a clean and even coverage. Cure the top coat under the gel lamp for another 30 seconds or so until completely dry.
5. Pinch the end of the striping tape and guide it onto your nail with the tweezers, applying it on the clean line between the purple gel and clear nail and smoothing it down with the tweezers.
6. Cut the tape so it fits the nail perfectly.
7. Apply top coat to the entire nail to secure the tape.
8. Cure the nail under the gel lamp until it's dried completely.

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