How to create jewelry-inspired crystal nails with a galaxy edge

Dazzling, jewel-embellished nails are practically taking over the manicure art world. It was only in September last year that crystal-tipped manicures were featured at the New York Fashion Show for summer/spring 2019. Now, as we 're in the midst of that season, it's time to find inspiration from the crystal-encrusted nails created by artist Naomi Yasuda and featured on the SS19 catwalk. Luckily, you can create the bejeweled look at home without breaking the bank, despite being sported at the expensive high fashion event.
This design featuring Swarovski crystals and delicate moon and star gems shows outstanding nail art while emulating sophisticated jewelry. The galaxy-inspired additions will send your nails out of this world as it has done for others who've displayed the popular trend on social media. To give your nails rich, starry-eyed energy, grab your polishes and follow the step-by-step instructions below.
- Mixed color and sized Swarovski crystals
- Orly Gel Color Polish in shade Sheer Nude
- Gold bullion beads
- Wax pencil
- Gelish Soak-Off Foundation Polish
- Gold star and moon charms
- Tweezers
- Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat
- Lumcrissy Gel Lamp
- Small nail art brush
Fierce League
1. Paint your nails with the Orly Gel Color Polish in shade Sheer Nude to achieve your base color. Dry under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp by placing your hands under the UV light for between 40 and 120 seconds, depending on your preference and how much gel you've applied. This will help cure the gel color and prevent any chipping.
2. Cover your nail in the Gelish Soak-Off Foundation Polish, making sure you have a full and even coverage on the nail.
3. With the wax pencil, pick up one of your moon or star gems and place it onto your wet nail. Continue the process with the Swarovski crystals. Place the gems and crystals in a coherent yet random fashion -- there's no need to follow a particular pattern, but make sure the gems aren't too close together. Four to six gems/crystals per nail are ideal.
4. Pinch some gold bullion beads between your tweezer prongs and sprinkle them onto your nail. Use the tweezers to push the beads onto the edges of the Swarovski crystals, where they should create a nice frame of around three or four per crystal. However, due to the shape of the moon and stars, leave them without the beaded frames. Once you're finished, the crystals will look more like the feature stone in a ring, held by setting and prongs, and replicated by the beads.
5. Cure the nails under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp for approximately two minutes to ensure the gems are secure.
6. Gently paint the Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat around the gems and crystals and also slightly over them. This can be a trickyk step so as not to move the gems, so paint carefully and slowly. If any gems do move, you can use either the brush of your Cheri product or the tweezers to move them back into place.
7. Use a small, thin nail brush to delicately spread the Cheri Non-Wipe Top Coat evenly between the crystals and gems. Finally, complete the look by placing your nails under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp until completely hardened/cured.

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