Discover the perfect nude nail look for every occasion

Simple but chic, nude nails are perfect for all occasions. From straightforward styles suitable for a day at the office to more elaborate looks suitable for an evening out, the options for customization are virtually endless.
Evocative of the classic French manicure, nude nails offer an air of sophistication. However, the styles below prove that neutral doesn't have to mean dull. From charms and jewels to sequins and sparkles, here are seven unforgettable nude nail styles sure to attract attention.
Nude with crystal swirls
Bold and fashion-forward, this look incorporates your favorite jewelry right into your nail design. A nude base is elevated by a silver-and-crystal swirl traversing the front of your nails. Adding even more flair, the presence of the chain is sure to catch envious glances with every wave of your hand. Try out this style for prom or don it for a summer wedding. You can watch the tutorial here.
Nude with foil
Just because you opted for a nude nail doesn't mean you can't enhance your manicure with a dazzling pop of color or two. Featuring a shock of brightly hued foil on alternating nails, this easy-to-create look brings to mind summer rainbows, wildflower gardens and Fourth of July fireworks displays. Learn how to create these flashy foiled fingertips here.
Nude with triangle cuff
Triangle jewelry is having a serious moment, with the simple shape showing up in everything from earrings to necklaces. So, why not bring a little geometry to your nail game? The nude base offers the ideal backdrop for a sparkly pink triangle outlined in gold. Best of all, you can easily switch out the triangle's color to match your attire. Check out the tutorial for this style here.
Nude with gold jewel point
Who says creating eye-catching nail art has to be a hassle? You don't have to visit the salon to execute this simple style featuring an elegant column of gold sequins on both the middle and pinkie finger. Whether you're tucking a strand of hair behind your ear or waving to a friend across the club, your fingers will surely attract attention wherever you go. Get the tutorial here.
Nude with handmade gem
Hidden gems are seriously overrated. With this stunning summer nail style, the gem takes its rightful place as the star of the show. Boasting a creamy nude base, this manicure features a dazzling drop of aquamarine on the nail of the ring finger. After creating your jewel, outline it in sparkling gold polish to help it pop off the hand. Check out the nail tutorial here.
Nude with round color blocking
Modish and sleek, color blocking is all the rage for spring 2019. While this style is normally seen on shirts and dresses, fashion-forward folks are incorporating the trend into their nail art, as well. Featuring a pale pink base and pastel bursts of color, this hip look is captivating for an evening gallery opening or a day trip to the modern art museum. Learn how to create this nail art here.
Nude with twinkle stars
Few things are more romantic than a summer night spent canoodling under the stars. Lovely for June weddings or date nights with that special someone, this nude nail look is heightened by the presence of tiny twinkle stars. Opt for the classic gold as shown below or match the stars to your favorite summer sundress. You can check out the tutorial for this nail style here.