How to create french nails with a geometric, broken glass twist

Recent nail trends, particularly those seen on the catwalk and red carpet, have felt somewhat impossible to re-create at home. From designer Louis Vuitton branded nails to a neon leopard print manicure set created by nail artist Miss Pop for Essie, the contemporary twist on nail art requires a lot of time and skill. Hence you will probably be relieved to hear that you can create simple, minimalist French nail art from your own home to feel unique and chic, without the added hassle.
Nail art is now far more than the classic French white tip⁠—it's genuine art, with flare and admired creativity. If you want to achieve this kind of dazzle from your manicure, then look no further, because geometric minimalist nail art is a big deal right now. There are endless ideas when it comes to this type of design, making it all the more fun to play around with⁠—hence why we chose to add a standout broken glass quirk. Switch on your UV lamp and push back those cuticles, as you prepare to delve into your new, Insta-worthy French set.
- Iridescent glass paper
- Mission Control Gel in shade Over Drive
- Tweezers
- Scissors
- Flat gel brush
- Gelish Soak-off Foundation Polish
- Gelish Soak-off Top It Off Polish
- Lumcrissy gel lamp
Fierce League
1. Using your flat gel brush, paint a small, half diamond shape offset to the left on the tip of your nail with the Mission Control Gel in shade Over Drive. The diamond doesn't have to be a perfect, fully formed shape, but should certainly sit near the tip rather than taking up space on the rest of the nail. Make sure to be precise and use the very tip of the brush to create sharp edges and precision.
2. Dry the nail under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp. You can use the timer on the lamp to determine how long your nails should be left under the UV light⁠—we suggest between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Once the nail is dry, paint over the diamond shape again with the Mission Control Gel to make sure the black is highly pigmented and no gaps are left out. Once finished, dry it again under the lamp.
3. Now your initial shape is complete, you can begin creating hypnotic glass shapes to be added on top. With your scissors, cut diagonally on the iridescent glass paper in short, quick motions. This should leave you with several small, thin, broken glass like pieces/shards.
4. Paint the Gelish Soak-Off Polish Foundation on top of the diamond shape you previously created on your nail. This will act as a glue for your glass paper shards.
5. Grab your tweezers and pinch a piece of your iridescent glass paper between the prongs. Gently place the piece onto the black diamond, pressing it down onto the foundation polish. You can apply up to three shards of paper for extra shimmer.
6. Place your nails under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp again to secure the shards in place.
7. To complete the manicure, apply the Gelish Soak-off Top It Off Polish to the entire nail and lastly place it under the Lumcrissy Gel Lamp for curing. This will harden all elements of the nail, ensuring that they won't chip or slip apart. You can repeat these steps on your other nails, creating different shapes and shards for artistic charm.

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