Create a multifaceted manicure with lines and glitter

If you own an adult coloring book, then you know how soothing it can be to “color” for a few hours. Abstract manicures are equally fun to paint -- maybe even more so because you don't have to stay inside the lines. With no rules to follow, you can simply go where your Muse takes you for a fun ride.
This design features the best of everything gel polish has to offer. Semi-translucent jelly, color-changing chameleon polish and a balance of matte and gloss.
When creating this design, start with a periwinkle base. Next, use the black drawing gel to create a sequence of intersecting lines. Once you have the design set, fill in the spaces with different colors, and you’ll have wearable art to share with the world.
- Periwinkle gel polish (Gelish, Po-Riwinkle)
- Black drawing gel (Elite99, #5604)
- Liner gel brush
- Extreme Post-it notes
- Violet jelly nail polish (Makartt, Crystal Violet)
- Blue-violet chameleon gel polish (Perfect Summer, #007)
- Metallic rose gel polish (Gelish, Glamour Queen)
- Black gel polish
- Paper towels (not shown)
- No wipe matte gel (Kupa)
- No wipe top coat (Cheri)
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of periwinkle gel polish to the nails, curing them between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Dip the liner brush into the black drawing gel, then paint multiple intersecting lines on the nail. Cure the gel with the lamp before proceeding.
3. Use the Post-it notes as a palette. Place a drop of each colored gel polish (four in total) on the pad. This will make it easier to pick the colors you want in the right order.
4. Fill in the triangles on the nail with the four colored polishes, then cure the polish with the lamp. Tip: Leave a few areas unpainted to give the design more variety, and wipe the brush on a paper towel between colors.
5. Apply no wipe matte gel to the nails, then cure with the lamp.
6. Restore the shine to some of the colors by applying top coat with the liner brush.
This is one design you won’t see coming and going. Stay pretty!

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