This glitter and crystal fade manicure is ideal for beginners

Achieving the perfect manicure isn't always easy. Some designs are very precise, and one mistake could force you to start all over again. If painting a complex design makes you nervous, then this glitter and crystal manicure will put your fears to rest.
Many fade manicures feature glitter on one half of the nail, but opaque polish can make the design tough to master. In this version, the base polish is semi-translucent and filled with glitter, which make mistakes undetectable. The blue-green glitter polish blurs imperfections and also makes the ideal backdrop for dark iridescent crystals.
Although curing between polish coats is the norm, don't cure the nails between the blue-green polish and crystal application. The gel needs to be wet in order for the crystals to stay in place.
Ready to see it in action?
- Clear glitter nail gel
- UV or LED lamp
- Blue-green glitter nail gel
- Toothpicks
- Black iridescent crystals
- Sealer nail gel (Gelish, Top It Off)
Fierce League
1. Start your manicure by applying clear glitter nail gel to the nails, then cure the gel with the lamp.
2. Beginning at the cuticle, darken half of the nail by applying blue-green glitter nail gel.
3. Gently dab a toothpick into the wet gel, then use the toothpick to pick up and place a black crystal. Continue adding crystals until you’re happy with the design and then cure the gel with the lamp.
4. Protect your artwork by applying a single layer of sealer nail gel. Cure it with the lamp.
This fade not only looks pretty but won't show chips the way that opaque polish does. Stay pretty!

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