How to make a fairy line with a rose-gold accent

"A woman should be two things," Coco Chanel once said. "She should be classy and fabulous." The most glamorous dress paired with the cutest shoes will make you feel like a million bucks, but if you really want to reach for the stars, try a celestial nail design. Jazz up an otherwise boring French manicure with an iridescent fairy line, holographic nail flakes and rose-gold embellishments.
Use the instructions below to create an accent nail. However, if a low-key, single design doesn't suit the occasion, use the steps as a guideline to embellish all your nails with fairy lines and adornments. When selecting a gold star nail applique to overlay the holographic star, consider an open star design. The overlay should act as a frame, showcasing the nail flake beneath it.
- Iridescent nail art foil strip
- Scissors
- Soak-off gel polish foundation
- Tweezers
- Curved edge manicure scissors
- Fairy Glo gel nail polish #58002
- Scrap paper
- Striper nail art brush
- Holographic star nail glitter flakes
- Gold star nail applique
- LED clear builder nail gel
- Dotting tool
- Soak-off sealer
Fierce League
1. Use scissors to cut a 1 millimeter-wide strip, approximately 1/2 inch in length, from a sheet of iridescent nail art foil.
2. Apply soak-off gel polish foundation to a nail.
3. Pick up the iridescent strip with tweezers.
4. Place the strip in a horizontal position across the middle of the nail.
5. Use curved edge manicure scissors to trim excess foil from the sides of the nail.
6. Allow nails to dry.
7. Apply a few drops of Fairy Glo gel nail polish #58002 to a piece of scrap paper.
8. Dip the tip of a striper nail art brush in the nail polish.
9. Trace the top and bottom of the iridescent foil strip to create a border.
10. Allow nails to dry.
11. Apply soak-off gel polish foundation to the center of the strip.
12. Pick up a holographic star nail flake with tweezers.
13. Apply the star to the center of the strip.
14. Pick up a gold star nail applique with tweezers.
15. Place the gold nail applique on top of the holographic star.
16. Wait for the gel polish foundation to dry.
17. Dip a dotting tool in LED clear builder nail gel.
18. Cover the strip with the clear builder nail gel, placing emphasis on the embellishments in the center of the nail.
19. Allow the nail to dry.
20. Cover the nail in a soak-off sealer to protect the design.

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