Create a colorful dotted rainbow manicure

The world is a serious place. You have work to do and bills to pay, but if you don’t find ways to enjoy your days, life can wear you down. You may not have a lot of options when it comes to expressing your personality in a business environment, but changing up your manicure is usually acceptable.
Polka dots are always in fashion, and this playful dotted design uses a combination of colors that will put a smile on your face. Creating this pattern is easy if you think of it as painting a rainbow. Large fuchsia and pink dots are set in opposing corners and surrounded by multiple rows of smaller dots. You can use the colors shown in the video or develop your own color scheme. Any way that you look at it, this manicure will lighten your mood.
- White gel polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Extreme Post-it notes
- Gel nail paint in pink, fuchsia, mint, yellow, and navy blue
- Dotting tool
- Paper towel (not shown)
- Sealer nail gel (Gelish, Top It Off)
Fierce League
1. Create a base for your colorful dots by applying two coats of white gel polish to the nails, curing them in between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Create a paint palette by placing pink, fuchsia, mint, yellow and navy blue gel paint onto the Extreme Post-it note pad.
3. Dip the large end of the dotting tool into the fuchsia gel, then apply the paint to the right inner corner of the nail near the cuticle. Tip: Wipe the tool clean on the Post-it note or on a paper towel before switching colors in each step.
4. Repeat step three by applying a pink dot of paint on the upper left corner of the nail.
5. Create a semi-circle of yellow dots around the fuchsia dot.
6. Surround the upper pink dot with a sequence of mint dots.
7. Use the small end of the dotting tool to apply navy blue dots around the yellow dots.
8. Paint tiny fuchsia dots around the mint dots.
9. If space permits, paint pink dots around the navy blue ones, then cure the wet paint with the lamp.
10. Protect your artwork by applying a layer of sealer gel to the entire nail, then cure the gel with the lamp.
So pretty! Enjoy your day and your dots!

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