Create a whimsical manicure with star-shaped flowers

Nature’s bounty is a blessing in spring and summer. If you love flowers, but are worried that your painting skills aren’t advanced enough to create them, this simplified manicure will change your mind.
To try out this look without committing to a full manicure, paint one accent nail periwinkle blue. The whimsical flowers are shaped like stars instead of circles. Create several peach, white and silver blossoms, then add contrasting centers and a few seafoam green leaves to complete the look. If you love it, feel free to add a few blossoms to your other nails as well. After all, this is your garden!
- Periwinkle blue gel polish (Gelish)
- Dotting tool
- Pale peach gel nail polish (Canni Nail Art Output, 506)
- White gel nail polish (Canni Nail Art Output, 530)
- Silver glitter metallic gel polish (FairyGlow)
- Yellow nail paint (Mission Control, Solar)
- Seafoam green gel nail polish, (Canni Nail Art Output, 607)
- Sealer nail gel (Gelish, Top It Off)
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of periwinkle blue polish to the nail, curing it in between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Dip the larger end of the dotting tool into the peach gel polish, then draw tiny stars on the nail.
3. Repeat step two by drawing additional stars with white and silver metallic polish. Cure the wet gel with the lamp.
4. Turn each star into a flower by adding a dot of color to the center. Alternate yellow and silver polish for variety.
5. Add small seafoam green leaves in between the flowers, then cure the polish with the lamp.
6. Protect your floral artistry by applying a single layer of sealer nail gel, then cure it with the lamp.
Enjoy your floral manicure. Stay pretty!

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