Create a beachy manicure with real crushed shells

If you collected sea shells as a kid, even the broken ones, then you'll love this beachy manicure. Crushed shells reflect light and come in a variety of colors. To create a sparkly look with dimension, use semi-transparent jelly polish as a base. It makes the multicolored shell fragments look like they're floating in a pink pool. Shimmery glitter polish enhances the look even further.
While you may be tempted to stop once the sealer gel dries, take the time to file down the gel to create a smooth upper surface. The extra step pays off in the long run.
- Pink semi-transparent jelly gel polish (Born Pretty, Apricot Flower)
- Toothpicks
- Crushed shells in pink, purple, and white
- UV or LED lamp
- Pink glitter gel polish (Gelish)
- Nail art brush
- Sealer nail gel (Gelish, Top It Off)
- Double-sided emery board (BTYMS, 100/180 grit)
- Nail brush
Fierce League
1. Apply a layer of pink gel polish to the nails but don’t cure them immediately.
2. Rub a toothpick against the wet gel, then use it to pick up a crushed shell. Place the shell fragment onto the nail. Continue placing shells of all colors onto the nail until you’re happy with the result. Cure the wet gel with a UV or LED lamp.
3. Add some sparkle to your crushed shells by applying a small amount of pink glitter polish.
4. While the glitter polish is still wet, apply more pink jelly polish, then use a nail art brush to blend the two colors and to fill in the spaces around the shells. Cure the polish with the lamp once more.
5. Seal the shells in place by applying a layer of sealer nail gel, then cure the wet gel with the lamp.
6. To create a smooth surface, buff the top of the nail with an emery board, then wipe off the dust with a nail brush.
7. Protect your manicure by applying a layer of sealer nail gel, then cure the wet gel one final time.
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