Create a deep cranberry eye for a special occasion

Cranberry is one of those colors that calls to mind autumn and winter holidays. The warm, rich hue is so popular, in fact, that there are over 60,000 makeup tutorials on the internet featuring this seasonal berry. Fan favorite brand, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, incorporated cranberry into its Modern Renaissance Palette, and many other brands quickly followed suit.
If you've never worn pink, red or burgundy shadow, the tutorial and instructions will help you layer the appropriate shades. Peachy beige eye shadow adds warmth about the crease, and burgundy shimmer and raspberry metallic shadow give the lid dimension while catching the light.
- Matte peachy beige eye shadow (Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Palette, Truth Hurts)
- Fluffy blending brush
- Matte orange-brown eye shadow (Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Palette, BS)
- Pencil brush
- Matte dusty burgundy eye shadow (Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Palette, TMI)
- Small eye shadow brush
- Metallic raspberry eye shadow (Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Palette, Be Blunt)
- Firm shader brush
- Smudger brush
- Burgundy shimmer eye shadow (MAC Eye Shadow, Sketch)
- Peach eyeliner (Sephora 12hr Colorful Contour Eyeliner, Coconut)
- Black mascara (L'Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise)
- Eyelash curler
- Eyebrow gel (Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow, 15 Blonde)
- Angled brow brush
- Spoolie
- False eye lashes
- Tweezers
- Lash glue (not shown)
- Pearly quartz highlighter (Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit, Moonstone)
- Small shadow liner brush
- Reddish brown lipstick (Mac Pro Lip Palette Necessary Nudes, Honey Love)
- Lip brush
- Setting spray (Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist)
Fierce League
1. Sweep matte peachy beige eye shadow into the crease of the eyelid with a fluffy blending brush.
2. Apply matte orange-brown eye shadow with the pencil brush to the outer corner of the lid as well as the crease to deepen the look.
3. Pat matte dusty burgundy eye shadow onto the lid with a small eye shadow brush, then use the fluffy blending brush to diffuse the pigment.
4. Layer metallic raspberry eye shadow onto the lid with a firm shader brush in patting motions. This will prevent product fallout below the eyes.
5. Apply matte dusty burgundy eye shadow below the lower lashes with a smudger brush.
6. Darken the outer corner of the lid by applying burgundy shimmer eye shadow with the pencil brush.
7. Make your eyes look more open by applying peach eyeliner pencil to the lower waterline.
8. Gently curl your upper lashes with the eyelash curler, then apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.
9. Groom your brows with the spoolie, then fill them in using eyebrow gel and an angled brow brush. Diffuse the pigment and fluff up the brow hair with the spoolie.
10. Pick up the false lashes with the tweezers, then put a small amount of lash glue onto the lash band. Let the glue set for 10 seconds, then apply the lashes just above your upper lash line.
11. Brighten the inner corners of your eyes by patting pearly quartz highlighting powder near the tear duct with the small shadow liner brush.
12. Use a lip brush to line and fill in your lips with reddish brown lipstick.
13. To hold your makeup in place all day long, spritz your face with setting spray. Hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches away from your face to avoid leaving wet drops on your skin, then wave your hands near your face to help the mist set.
Stay pretty!

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