Five designs that make short nails look gorgeous

Picking the right manicure can be difficult, especially if your nails are just starting to grow. If you're taking a break from acrylic nails or prefer to keep your own nails short, these five designs will get your creative juices flowing.
All the styles bring out the best in short nails. Some fool the eye by alternating colors from nail to nail, while others use lining tape to make the nails look longer. There are even a few designs that use iridescent glass paper to change the way light hits the nail surface.
Whichever design you pick, these options can be painted quickly, so you'll be out of the house in no time.
Two-toned border
The trends from the '80s keep coming back, but this two-toned border manicure breathes new life into some old favorites. Aside from the popular fluorescent colors, chalky pastels ruled the day and the dance floor. To create this throwback look, alternate pale pink with aqua, and you'll have people doing double takes. Get the tutorial here.
Crystal jewelry galaxy
When you have admirable taste in jewelry but lack the budget to buy something new, you have to get creative. This "gemstone" manicure is a cinch. Just combine your favorite nail rhinestones with some small gold beads. When set around the colored rhinestones, the beads simulate the look of gold prongs. Mix and match sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst rhinestones to create an opulent effect. Get the tutorial here.
Fairy line with a rose-gold accent
The gossamer wings on cartoon fairies shimmer with every color in the rainbow. If that iridescent look appeals to you, then try this pretty manicure. Rose-gold polish and holographic and gold-toned stars make this delicate design as ethereal as those wispy wings themselves. Get the tutorial here.
One way to make your nails look longer is to take a cue from the fashion world. Vertical stripes can make you look thinner or taller, and that same principle applies to nail art. This purple half-and-half manicure combines glittery lining tape with a half-painted nail to give the illusion of length. Get the tutorial here.
Broken glass geometric French tip
Is that French tip looking a little boring lately? If you're wishing for a head-turning manicure with an edgy touch, give this broken glass design a try. Apply black gel polish at different angles on each nail, then layer iridescent triangles on top. The black paint brings out the different colors, so each nail will look completely unique. Get the tutorial here.
With all of these fun options, short nails have never looked better. Stay pretty!

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