Create a natural eye makeup look with soft winged liner

When summer weather kicks in, natural makeup is the order of the day. If you have never worn winged liner before, or are intimidated by liquid liner, this tutorial will teach you how to ease into the trend in a soft, subtle way.
Liquid eyeliner can be unforgiving, which means even the smallest mistakes will be obvious. To create a soft wing, try using matte eye shadow instead. A flat shadow liner brush makes it easy to achieve a sharp point, and the shadow is easy to clean up with a makeup wipe if you make a mistake.
Stick with neutral colors when creating this look. Matte camel brown creates a warm base, and peachy pink shimmer brightens the look. Use chocolate brown eye shadow for the wing, and you'll look pulled together in no time.
- Eyebrow pencil with attached screw brush (Colourpop Brow Boss Pencil)
- Liquid concealer (Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer)
- Flat concealer brush
- Beige mineral foundation (Painted Earth Perfect Every Thyme Baked Mineral Foundation)
- Fluffy blending brush
- Matte camel brown eye shadow (Colourpop The Zodiac Palette, The Taurus)
- Peachy pink shimmer eye shadow (Colourpop The Zodiac Palette, The Cancer)
- Matte chocolate brown eye shadow (Colourpop The Zodiac Palette, The Virgo)
- Flat shadow liner brush
- Makeup remover wipes
- Eyelash curler
- Black mascara (Urban Decay Perversion Mascara)
Fierce League
1. Fill in your brows by drawing fine strokes with an eyebrow pencil as needed. Diffuse the color by brushing the attached screw brush through the hair.
2. Apply a small amount of liquid concealer to the back of your hand. Dip a flat concealer brush into the product, then use the brush to clean up any excess eyebrow pencil and to sharpen the brow. Sweep excess concealer onto the lid to prime it for eye shadow. Pat the product in with your finger to eliminate the tacky residue.
3. Set the concealer to prevent your eye shadow from creasing by sweeping beige mineral foundation onto the lid with a fluffy blending brush.
4. Sweep matte camel brown eye shadow onto the crease and outer corner of the lid with the fluffy blending brush. Blend to ensure there are no harsh edges.
5. Pat peachy pink shimmer eye shadow onto the lid with your finger. Tip: Shimmer shadow applies better with your finger than it does with a brush.
6. Use matte chocolate brown eye shadow and a flat shadow liner brush to line the outer third of the upper lid and create a small wing. Clean up the lower edge of the wing with a makeup remover wipe.
7. Curl your lashes with the eyelash curler, then apply one or two coats of mascara to the upper lashes.
8. Sweep matte chocolate brown eye shadow below the lower lashes with the flat shadow liner brush.
Enjoy your day and stay pretty!

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