How to end acne scar embarrassment and enjoy lushly smooth skin

Acne is the unwanted gift that keeps on giving. Not only can it crop up at the least convenient times (i.e. right before that big date or business presentation), but the marks it leaves behind can linger for months or years. You might even find yourself staying out of the spotlight to prevent others from seeing your acne scars.
Banishing blemish insecurity may be easier said than done. However, that doesn't mean you have to let acne scars and discoloration ruin your day. Check out these tips for achieving the stunningly smooth skin you crave and retaking your place in the spotlight.
- L.A. Colors Conceal Correct (Peach)
- AOA Perfect Setting Powder (Banana)
- The Ordinary Serum Foundation
- AOA Perfect Finishing Pressed Powder (Banana)
Fierce League
1. Use the applicator brush to dot L.A. Colors Conceal Correct (Peach) over acne scars and discolored spots on skin. Blend in completely with small eyeshadow brush.
2. Apply AOA Perfect Setting Powder (Banana) with medium-sized foundation brush.
3. Using a makeup sponge, apply the Ordinary Serum Foundation to entire face, paying special attention to jawline and ears.
4. Dust AOA Perfect Finishing Pressed Powder (Banana) over entire face using a large, fluffy brush.
5. Celebrate your selfie-worthy new complexion.
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