How to cover a pimple with just three products

According to Benjamin Franklin, the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes. Most people know there's at least one more certainty—blemishes. Pimples are a drag, and they often show up when you need to look your best. You could apply full face makeup to cover them, but what can you do if you prefer a more natural look?
Concealing a pimple often requires more than one product. First, you need to conceal discoloration. Red tends to show through most skin-toned concealers, which is why you’ll need an additional concealer in a darker shade. Once the redness is under control, you also have to apply something that looks like your natural skin color.
Protecting your artistry is key. To keep the concealer in place all day, apply setting powder on top. This may seem like a lot of work, but the multistep process will ensure your pimple remains hidden from view.
- Medium beige concealer (L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal)
- Flat concealer brush
- Light concealer (Cover FX Cream Concealer)
- Light setting powder (Cover FX Matte Setting Powder)
- Fluffy eye shadow brush
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1. To minimize redness, dab a tiny amount of medium beige concealer on the pimple. Use the brush attachment, if your concealer has one, but use a separate concealer brush or your fingers if the skin is broken. You don't want to contaminate your concealer.
2. Pat and press the concealer into your skin with a flat concealer brush. Don’t drag the brush back and forth because this can irritate the pimple and force the concealer into the broken skin.
3. Use your finger to press any remaining concealer into the skin. Your body’s natural warmth will help make the product more sheer.
4. Cover the medium concealer with a lighter concealer using the flat concealer brush. The first color corrected the redness, and the second concealer will make the pimple less visible. Use the pads of your fingers to press this layer of product in as well.
5. Tap a small amount of setting powder into the lid of the jar, then dip a fluffy eye shadow brush into the powder. Tap the brush handle against the jar to knock off excess powder, then gently press the setting powder on top of the areas you concealed.
With these steps, your pimple should stay out of sight, and off your mind, all day. Stay pretty!

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