This coffee inspired nail tutorial will help you wake up in style

Nail art has absolutely taken over in recent years — and with good reason. It's never been easier to find inspiration to take your nail look to the next level. The best part? Nail art doesn't have to be super difficult to look great, as this tutorial proves.
A fun idea to spice up your nail look is to take inspiration from everyone's favorite morning obsession — coffee. It isn't too difficult and is surprisingly effective. You can even switch out colors to get a different vibe!
Brown nail polish
Taupe nail polish
White nail polish
Dowel, for mixing
Flat brush
Pencil brushes (at least two, but the more, the better)
Clear top coat
Fierce League
1. You'll first need to mix your base color. Take equal parts of the deep brown and taupe nail polishes onto your palette, then blend the two using a dowel. You don't want to perfectly integrate the two shades; instead, go for a marbled effect.
2. Apply the base shade to a clean nail using the flat brush, and allow a few minutes for it to dry.
3. Take a small amount of white nail polish on a thin pencil brush.
4. Starting at the tip of the nail, draw a curved zig-zag shape moving down towards the cuticle.
5. While the white paint is still wet, take a clean pencil brush and make a line vertically through the zig-zag shape. This will move the white paint into a classic, latte-art style.
6. Allow your artwork time to dry. You can use a special nail dryer to speed up the process.
7. Apply a clear top coat to seal in all your hard work! Allow this adequate time to dry, then enjoy showing off your stylish manicure.
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