How to create a hot cocoa nail design to sweeten any outfit

Life isn’t always a walk in the park. Some people are willing to do almost anything to sweeten their circumstances. Something as simple as painting your nails with a dessert-inspired design can bring you a burst of happiness each time you look down at your manicure. Get ready to treat yourself with this hot cocoa nail art, which pairs the comforting brown shade of the beloved drink with a frothy white hue.
Depending on how rich you’d like the cocoa shade to appear on your nails, you may end up using a few more coats than normal. If so, you may notice tiny air bubbles begin to form after you’ve applied your top coat. That’s because air gets trapped underneath each layer of polish during the drying process. You can fix his common nail bed conundrum by remembering to remove all traces of oil on your nails and using thinner layers during your next manicure. It’s also important to allow your initial coat of polish to dry before applying another.
- Brown gel polish
- Nail brushes
- White gel polish
- Black and gold glitter
- UV or LED lamp
- Clear gel base coat
- Brown eyeshadow
- Clear gel top coat
1. Apply at least two coats of the brown gel polish onto your nails with a brush.
2. Use the white gel polish to paint a swirl design at the center of your nails. This is supposed to represent the frothy milk often found on top of hot cocoa beverages.
3. Sprinkle the black and gold glitter onto your nails. Make sure most of the glitter accumulates on top of each white swirl.
4. Place your nails under a UV or LED lamp to cure.
5. Layer a base coat on your nails.
6. Dust the brown eyeshadow onto each nail using a blending brush.
7. Cure your nails once more.
8. Apply the top coat and repeat step 7 to seal in your manicure. Share this tempting design on Facebook.
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