How to create a perfect matte makeup look

From baking to contouring: Makeup has undergone huge changes in the past decade. Long gone are the days where a simple mousse-based foundation or pressed powder is enough for a flawless look. Now, the photo-ready matte face is everywhere online -- and luckily, completely accessible.
You may notice that celebrities have been sporting the matte makeup aesthetic for years -- especially at red carpet events filled with photographers and flashing lights -- to avoid a greasy or shiny outcome in their press pictures. For the rest of us, the look is suitable for a selfie session or a special occasion. On top of your matte baked skin, you can be creative with eyeshadow colors or winged liner to ramp up your overall look. Get ready to achieve Instagram-worthy matte skin.
- Tarte Double Duty Beauty First Step Prep Moisture Reset Cream
- Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
- Contour brush
- Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Foundation
- Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer
- Foundation brush
- Concealer brush
- Benefit Hoola Cream-to-Powder Quickie Contour Stick
- Revolution Luxury Baking Powder (Banana)
- NYX Matte Bronzer (Deep Tan)
- Marc Jacobs Poutliner Long Wear Lip Liner Pencil (Nude (ist))
- Covergirl Exhibitionist Cream Lipstick (230 - Crème)
- MAC Mineralize Blush (Warm Soul)
- Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Sun Dipped Glow Kit
- Fluffy baking brush
- Small highlighter brush
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1. Step one of this process is all about prepping the skin. Rub the Tarte Double Duty moisturizer across your entire face, making sure your skin feels light and hydrated. Then, apply the Smashbox Photo Finish primer, especially focusing on your T zone, as this is usually the shiniest part of the face.
2. Squirt the Fenty Pro Soft Matte Foundation straight onto each cheek. Three pumps of the foundation is ideal, but depending on your preferences, you can use less or more. Use a foundation brush to dab the product into the skin, making sure you've achieved full coverage of the face and in tough creases around the nose and eyes.
3. Apply a few strokes of the Tarte Concealer under your eyes -- dabbing the product's wand lightly. Using a concealer brush, blend the product below the eye, onto the eyelid and toward the nose for a smooth and even finish.
4. Using the Benefit Contour Stick -- which should be a few shades darker than your natural skin tone -- drag the product to create soft strokes just below your cheekbones and on your temple. Also, add it onto your forehead just below your hairline on each side in three quick strokes. Apply the contour stick along your jawline, using a contour brush to blend it in. This should result in forming natural shadows for definition.
5. Use your fluffy baking brush to apply a fair amount of baking powder (Revolution Luxury Baking Powder in shade Banana) under your eyes and just below where you contoured your cheeks. Add the powder to your eyelids and nose to reduce any shine.
6. For increased depth and to mattify your contour, add the NYX Bronzer to the areas where you used the Benefit Stick. Swirl your countour brush in circular motions to achieve a well-blended, bronzed contoured face.
7. With the lip liner, gently trace the outline of your bottom and upper lip. Feel free to go slightly above your natural lip line to create a fuller pout. Follow your mouth's natural shape and Cupid's bow. To complete the lip, apply the Covergirl Lipstick, pressing your lips together to ensure even coverage.
8. To add a hint of pink, apply the MAC Mineralize Blush to your cheeks, blending it in with the contour brush toward your bronzed cheeks for a more natural outcome.
9. Using a small, fluffy highlighter brush, apply the ABH highlighter in the shade Moonstone in the small area directly on your cheekbones and temples. You can also add some highlighter down the bridge of your nose. To finish this look, paint on your favorite eyeshadow or apply lashes and sculpt your brows exactly how you like.

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