Accentuate brown eyes with shimmering gold tones

While some may say brown eyes are ordinary, they can be just as alluring as eyes of any other color. Brown can work as a neutral color which means a wide spectrum of eye shadows will blend and compliment brown-eyed beauties. One color that compliments brown eyes in an amazing way is gold. Follow this tutorial to learn the best and easiest way to apply and blend gold eyeshadow.
This eyeshadow technique is easy and takes less than five minutes to apply. The warm hues will bring out the nuanced umber tones often found in brown eyes, while a burnt coral base gives the eye dimension.
-NYX Ultimate Edit Warm Neutrals Palette
-NYX Foil Play Cream Pigment in "Pop Quiz"
-False lashes
-Eyeshadow brush for blending
-Small flat brush
-Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
-Tweezers (optional)
-Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil
Fierce League
1. Put on a full face of makeup including foundation, concealer, blush, and any contouring you desire. Bronze and neutral tones will go best with this eyeshadow technique.
2. Prep your lids with a light-toned eyeshadow base.
3. Apply a neutral cream colored eye shadow base to the lid and crease.
4. Brush burnt coral onto the outer lid and gradually blend into the crease.
5. Take a small flat brush and paint on cream gold pigment from the lash line up into your crease. Close lids for a moment to allow the cream to set and dry. Blend more burnt coral shadow into your crease for a cohesive effect.
6. Apply false lashes. Use tweezers to ensure correct placement.
7. Sweep on mascara.
8. Use an eyebrow pencil to groom and define your brows.

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