How to create stunning nail art with an unexpected material: chamomile tea!

When it comes to nail art, it's incredible to see where inspiration can take you. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating texture, pattern and tone on your talons. This fun tutorial uses an everyday item to surprisingly pretty effect.
Perhaps you've looked at your tea bags before and admired the beautiful blend of tonal leaves. Well now, you can enjoy that sight for lots longer than it takes for your hot drink to steep. The best part? The look is easy enough to create so that even those who struggle with traditional nail art can enjoy it.
Gold, shimmery nail polish
Clear nail polish
One chamomile tea bag
Dowel (for mixing)
Flat brush
Small dried flowers (optional)
Clear top coat
Fierce League
1. Start with your base color already applied. We recommend a shimmery gold, although you can use any shade you fancy.
2. Add some clear nail polish to your palette. Trim the corner off a chamomile tea bag, and gently decant some of the leaves next to the clear polish.
3. Mix the tea leaves with the clear nail polish using a dowel.
4. Apply the tea leaf and nail polish mixture over your entire nail, using a flat brush.
5. Allow time to try.
6. Put some super-tiny dried flowers on your palette using a pair of tweezers.
7. Dip the flowers into the clear nail polish, then apply to your nail with the tweezers.
8. Apply clear top coat to seal everything in place, plus to boost the shine.
9. Allow your final top coat adequate drying time, then enjoy showing off your tea-inspired mani!
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