How to look radiant with semi-matte face makeup

Makeup is fun, especially because you can change your style as often as you change your clothes. You can have dewy, luminous skin one day then switch things up for an all-matte look the next. If all the options have you feeling like Goldilocks while looking for a style that's just right, opting for a semi-matte approach that offers the best of both worlds.
Matte makeup is popular because it's the most forgiving in terms of emphasizing skin texture. It blurs pores, whereas a dewy finish can make them more prominent. This tutorial will help you create a semi-matte look with a glowy touch.
- Liquid foundation (L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation)
- Fluffy foundation brush
- Liquid concealer (Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer)
- Damp beauty sponge
- Loose setting powder (Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder)
- Bronzing powder (Benefit Cheekleaders Bronze Palette, Hoola)
- Fluffy cheek brush
- Rose-colored blush (PUR Cosmetics 4-in-1 Blush Book, Honest)
- Setting spray (Urban Decay, All Nighter)
- Golden pearl powder highlighter (Benefit Cheekleaders Bronze Palette, Cookie)
- Highlighter brush
Fierce League
1. Apply foundation to the back of your hand, then dip the foundation brush into the liquid and transfer it to your face. Buff the foundation into your skin with a fluffy foundation brush.
2. Use the provided wand to apply liquid concealer below your eyes, then pat it into your skin with a damp beauty sponge.
3. Tap loose setting powder into the lid of the jar, then dip a damp beauty sponge into the powder. Next, press the powder against the areas where you applied concealer, as well as other areas of your face that tend to get oily.
4. Warm up your complexion by dusting bronzing powder along the cheekbones with a fluffy cheek brush.
5. Swirl the fluffy cheek brush in the blush, then apply the color to your cheeks in a circular motion.
6. Ensure your makeup lasts all day or night by spritzing your face with setting spray. Tip: Keep the bottle at least 6 inches away from your skin to prevent the mist from leaving wet droplets on your face.
7. Dust highlighter onto the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and above the cupid’s bow with a highlighter brush.
You're all done. Stay pretty!

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