How to create poreless skin with pore-minimizing primer

Pores have an important job for the health of your skin: They release oil, which lubricates and conditions it. On some people, however, they become large and prominent. While there's no way to change their size permanently, a lot of makeup techniques can make them look less obvious.
Foundation primer is one of them. It isn't the sexiest product, but it prevents foundation from oxidizing (i.e., changing colors), prevents oil from altering your foundation's consistency, and blurs the appearance of pores. You can apply it with a brush (as seen in the tutorial), a damp beauty sponge or your fingers.
This tutorial demonstrates a multistep approach that will help you maintain a poreless finish all day long.
- Moisturizer
- Paddle brush
- Pore-minimizing primer
- Foundation brush
- Foundation
- Mixing palette (optional)
- Damp beauty sponge
- Setting powder
- Powder puff
- Contouring powder
- Angled cheek brush
- Blush
- Fluffy cheek brush
- Highlighter
Fierce League
1. Prepare your skin for makeup by applying a light layer of moisturizer to your face with a paddle brush or your fingers. Tip: If you have active blemishes, use a brush instead of your fingers to minimize skin irritation.
2. Apply pore-minimizing primer to your forehead, T-zone, cheeks and chin with the same brush or your fingers.
3. After the primer has dried, apply foundation with a foundation brush or damp beauty sponge. Tip: Using a mixing palette can be helpful, but it isn't necessary.
4. Wait two to three minutes for the foundation to dry, then set it with setting powder and a powder puff. Tip: To avoid overpowdering, sprinkle powder onto the puff, then work the powder into the puff by folding it in half like a taco. Pat the puff against your face.
5. To give your face dimension, sweep contouring powder under your cheekbones with an angled cheek brush.
6. Brush blush onto the cheeks with a fluffy cheek brush to restore a healthy glow.
7. Sweep highlighter on top of the cheekbones.
Your makeup look is now complete. Blot any excess oil throughout the day to maintain your poreless complexion.

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