How to remove your makeup when you're feeling lazy

If you have a busy schedule, you've probably gone to bed more than once without removing your makeup. Occasionally skipping your cleansing routine won't hurt your skin immediately. Just don't make a habit of sleeping in your makeup, because it will leave your skin worse for wear.
This tutorial will show you how to get it done with just face oil and makeup wipes. Face oils are rich in skin-soothing ingredients and are intended to hydrate the skin, not clean it — but using one every once in a while to remove makeup is far better than going to bed in makeup. Face oils aren't cheap, though, so you might want to use this method only when necessary.
- Face oil
- Makeup remover wipes
Fierce League
1. Apply a few drops of face oil to your forehead, eyelids, cheeks and chin. If you wear foundation or waterproof eyeliner, massage the oil into the skin with your fingers before proceeding to step two.
2. Use a makeup remover wipe to spread the oil and remove your foundation and eye makeup.
3. For stubborn makeup, gently massage a few additional drops of oil into your skin. Use a light touch when rubbing the eye area. Removing concealer, eyeliner and mascara may require more effort, but don't tug; the eye area is fragile.
4. Use a clean makeup remover wipe to sweep away residue and oil.
Dreamland awaits, and now you can sleep without worrying about waking up to clogged pores.

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