Stay calm with our composed coed nail art tutorial

Multiple studies show that people's fashion choices can affect how well they perform on tests and other assessments. So, why not boost your odds of success with a nail art makeover sure to bring out your academic side?
Inspired by the classic black-and-white composition notebook, our "Composed Coed" nail art is designed to give your manicure a collegiate touch. Featuring just five materials, you can complete this simple tutorial in mere minutes, so you don't miss out on homework time. Sleek yet studious, this nail style is sure to turn heads while giving you the confidence boost you need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.
Mission Control in Over Drive
Gelpolish Soak-Off Gel Polish
Gelish Top It Off
Post-It notes
Dotting tool
Fierce League
1. Start with nails painted a solid, glossy white.
2. Crumple one Post-It note into a loose ball.
3. Using a small brush, paint Mission Control in Over Drive on top ridges of the Post-It note.
4. Dab the painted top surface of the Post-it note over the entire nail.
5. Add more Mission Control paint to top ridges of Post-It note.
6. Use a dotting tool dipped in Mission Control Over Drive to touch up nail, adding paint to any remaining white areas.
7. Paint over the top third of the nail using glossy white paint. Be sure to cover all the black paint.
8. Using Mission Control Over Drive paint, draw a horizontal line just above the edge of the white section of your nail. For the index and pinkie fingers only, draw a vertical line down to the tip of the nail, creating a box.
9. Use Over Drive paint to spell out the letters in "Composition" in the white section across the tips of the nails. Only about half of each letter should be visible.
10. Coat the final product with Gelish Top It Off.
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