How to use setting powder and bronzing powder on oily skin

Some weather conditions put makeup to the test. If you live in a humid environment or have oily skin, you may notice that your bronzer disappears before the day ends. When there's moisture in the air or in your skin, you need to take additional measures to keep your makeup intact all day.
Setting powder is a workhorse product. It can be applied under eye makeup to keep it from creasing, and it prevents bronzer from disappearing when applied over foundation. Apply a light layer initially, then use a damp beauty sponge to minimize chalkiness.
To get the best results, apply your foundation first with a Kabuki brush. The short bristles work the makeup into the skin, so there's less likelihood of caking when the setting power is applied.
- Foundation
- Kabuki brush
- Concealer (not shown)
- Flat concealer brush (not shown)
- Damp beauty sponge
- Setting powder
- Bronzing powder
- Dome-shaped bronzing brush
Fierce League
1. Apply foundation with a Kabuki brush in small, circular motions.
2. Apply liquid concealer below your eyes, if desired, with a flat concealer brush.
3. Dip the damp beauty sponge into the setting powder, then press the sponge against your skin to set your foundation and concealer. The moisture in the sponge helps the powder adhere and eliminates any chalky residue.
4. Swirl a dome-shaped bronzing brush in the bronzer, tap off the excess powder then apply the product onto your upper forehead and along the temples and cheekbones in circular motions.
5. Dip the damp beauty sponge into the setting powder once more, then gently swipe the sponge below the cheekbones. Buff away the excess powder with the Kabuki brush.
When done properly, bronzer can make you look healthy and polished. Stay pretty, and please share these bronzing tips on Facebook!

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