How to avoid the most common eye makeup removal mistakes

To keep your skin and eyes healthy, removing your eye makeup before turning in for the evening is crucial. Eye shadow and brow pencil are usually easy to remove with a makeup wipe, but liquid liner, brow gel and false lashes can be more stubborn. A gentle cleansing oil makes quick work of most eye makeup. Just be careful not to get the oil on your false lashes, because it will cause the lash band to deteriorate.
Once you've removed your eye makeup, apply eye cream to restore lost moisture. Eye cream keeps your skin hydrated as it rejuvenates overnight and helps prep it for the next day.
- Makeup wipes
- Face-cleansing oil
- Facial tissue
- Cotton pads
- Eye cream
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1. Gently sweep a makeup wipe along your brows, eyelids and under eyes.
2. Apply a small amount of face-cleansing oil to your fingertips, then gently rub the oil onto your eyelid in circular motions. Don't tug from left to right. The skin around your eyes is very fragile.
3. Use a facial tissue to remove oil residue.
4. If you need to remove false lashes, soak two cotton pads in warm water, then hold them against your eye area for 60 seconds. The warm water will loosen the eyelash glue, so you can gently remove the lashes. Never pull off false lashes while they're dry; this can damage the lash band and harm your natural lashes.
5. Apply eye cream under your brow bone and below your eyes. Pat it into the skin with your ring finger, or smooth it in by moving your fingers from the center outward.

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