How to double-cleanse to remove makeup

Most makeup lovers share a common opinion about nighttime makeup removal. It's a necessary evil that can be time-consuming and even ineffective. If you've been attempting to remove your makeup exclusively with makeup wipes or a foaming cleanser, your bathroom towel has probably seen its fair share of makeup residue.
Before you blame your cleanser for doing a poor job, you should try double cleansing. It sounds tedious, but this two-step cleansing approach works wonders. Start by massaging your dry face with cleansing oil. These special oils break down the oil in makeup and sunscreen, which makes them easier to remove with a second cleanser.
The following video shows how to use both cleansing oil and micellar water. Together, they remove makeup and grime while hydrating and refreshing your skin.
- Cleansing oil
- Facial tissues or washcloth
- Micellar water (also called cleansing water)
- Cotton pads
- Hydrating facial mist or toner
Fierce League
1. Pour a small amount of cleansing oil into your hands, then gently massage the oil into your dry skin. Take your time, and massage in circular motions to loosen the makeup.
2. Use a tissue or a washcloth to wipe off the cleansing oil. If you wear a lot of makeup, you may need to repeat this step once more.
3. Soak a cotton pad with micellar water, then sweep the pad over your entire face. This will remove any remaining oil and makeup.
4. To remove your eye makeup, saturate two additional cotton pads with micellar water, then hold them over your entire eye area for one minute. Once your eye makeup has been loosened by the moisture, carefully sweep the pads over the eye area to remove your eye makeup.
5. Spritz your face with hydrating facial mist or toner, and pat it into your skin.
You're ready to get some beauty sleep. Sleep tight, and please share these cleansing tips on Facebook.

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