How to use setting powder to make bronzing easier

Some occasions call for all-out glam, but everyday makeup tends to be natural and fresh. You don't have to wear eye makeup or blush daily, but a touch of bronzer gives your face definition and warmth for a healthy appearance.
To keep your bronzer from being absorbed by your foundation, apply a thin layer of setting powder in between the two. If you're worried that the result will look cakey, don't be. Just give your foundation a few minutes to dry before adding the powder. This tutorial also demonstrates how to use additional setting powder to define the bronzer while also making it easier to blend.
- Foundation
- Foundation brush
- Concealer
- Flat concealer brush
- Setting powder
- Fluffy powder brush
- Bronzer
- Dome-shaped bronzing brush
- Damp beauty sponge
Fierce League
1. Apply foundation with a foundation brush, working it into your skin from the center of your face outward. This will prevent the outer edges from looking cakey.
2. Apply liquid concealer below your eyes or wherever needed with a flat concealer brush.
3. Dip the fluffy powder brush into the setting powder, then tap off the excess product. Gently sweep the powder over your face to set your foundation. Apply more powder directly below the cheekbone.
4. Swirl a dome-shaped bronzing brush in the bronzer, tap off the excess powder, then work the product into your temples and below the cheekbones in small, circular motions.
5. Dip the damp beauty sponge into the setting powder, then press the powdered sponge lightly below your bronzed cheek. This will further define the bronzer and eliminate harsh lines.
6. Buff away the excess powder with the powder brush.

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